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History of Comstock-Kaye Life Celebration Centre

As one of the oldest businesses in Peterborough, Comstock Funeral Home has been a member of the community for over 150 years. Initially operated by the Poole brothers, Edwin and Thomas, as a furniture and cabinetry business, Aaron Comstock moved to Peterborough from Colbourne and began working as a cabinetmaker for the Pooles. Aaron eventually became a partner, and bought the business in 1853. Although it was originally located at the corner of Brock and Chamber Streets, the Comstocks eventually moved their furniture store to 300 George Street, and a funeral parlour was added to the location.

Aaron’s sons, William, John and Manson, joined the family business. By 1926, the store and funeral parlour had moved to 305 Water Street.

The businesses moved to Rubidge Street in 1949. This building, the current location of Comstock Funeral Home, was built as a residence in 1882. The Comstocks added a chapel and front façade to the building in 1949. Their furniture store was sold in 1955 to Yolles Furniture Co. Ltd. of Toronto. However, the Comstock family continued the funeral home, and expansion of the business led to renovations and an addition to the building in 1960.

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