Have You Recorded Your Wishes?

Every time you hear it on the radio, you know it’s the song you want played at your funeral. And every time you hear it, you remember you’ve been meaning to mention it to your spouse. You’ve been meaning to mention some other things, too, like the kinds of flowers that should fill the chapel and the laughter you want for those who will remember you, instead of tears.

All too often, we don’t make time to have the most important conversation with our loved ones – the conversation that will spare them from making difficult decisions at an already difficult time. By making your wishes for your final arrangements known, you’ll help relieve your family of the burden of planning your services while you create the memorial tribute that’s right for you.

That’s why we offer the Dignity Memorial® Personal Planning Guide. In the Personal Planning Guide, you’ll be able to record your preferences for your funeral and cemetery arrangements, from the name of your preferred funeral home and cemetery to lists of pallbearers, readings, musical selections and other personal details. The guide also allows you to organize vital information such as personal affairs, family heritage, military history, estate information and so much more in one convenient booklet.

It’s one more way we’re helping families celebrate lives. So the next time you hear your song, you can rest assured that your loved ones will know to play it for you.

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