Planning Ahead Eases Grief for Loved Ones

Though it’s not a topic most of us want to think about, planning for what happens after your death can reduce the stress on grieving loved ones. Making decisions now about your funeral arrangements can help assure those left behind that your wishes are being honored.  

The death of a loved one is always stressful. Fortunately, advance funeral planning is something you can do now to help your family. Planning your final arrangements now can significantly reduce the number of difficult decisions that confront loved ones at a time of loss. It isn’t difficult to do, and can save your loved ones from additional grief.

Decide on the Service
Deciding on the type of service you want is a first step towards feeling confident that your wishes will be fulfilled. Determine if your service should have religious elements, if it should be intimate or large, or if there are any unique elements you want incorporated.

Another important element to discuss is final disposition. Do you prefer burial or cremation? Consider purchasing cemetery property and inquire about all options available for memorialization and disposition of cremated remains.

Shop Around and Choose a Funeral Home
Investigating different funeral homes is an important part of planning a funeral. Compare available options and quality of service to find the right fit for your final wishes. Comparison shopping now allows you to feel secure you’re getting the value and quality you deserve.

Choose a home that fits your budget and is willing to accommodate your special requests. With the right funeral provider, you’ll feel confident your wishes will be fulfilled and you won’t feel uncomfortable asking questions or rushed into making selections.

Understand Your Funding Options
If you choose to fund your funeral prearrangement, you can lock in today’s prices for products and services that likely will be more expensive in the future. Work with a funeral professional to understand your state’s particular laws and regulations that protect preneed funds.

Planning ahead eases grief for your loved ones, but only if they’re aware of your plans. Be sure to let your loved ones know that you’ve planned your final arrangements. They’ll appreciate the steps you’ve taken to relieve them of additional stress at a trying time, freeing them of the planning burden so they can fully celebrate your life.

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