Fire Safety

Fires are unpredictable and often disastrous. By planning ahead and implementing these simple fire prevention strategies, you can reduce your odds of becoming a victim.

· Install smoke detectors in key locations throughout the house. Check batteries every six months.

· Make sure warning alarms are loud enough for those who have difficulty hearing or are sound sleepers.

· Avoid kitchen fires by cleaning your stove exhaust hood regularly to eliminate build-up.

· Do not wear loose hanging clothes when working over hot burners.

· Always use hot pads or mitts.

· Clean and service heating systems and furnaces once a year.

· Properly dispose of old newspapers, magazines and rags.

· Keep flammable materials in cool, vented places away from main living areas.

· Do not overload sockets.

· Make sure that wires are not frayed or exposed.

· Plan and practice fire drill exits from all areas of the house.

· Determine two ways to safely exit each room of your home and reach the outside.

· Make sure your windows can be opened from the inside.

· Mark windows and doors of any person who needs special assistance from the fire department.

· Do not block exits with furniture.

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