Safety on the Road

Whether driving down the road or across the country, some basic safety rules apply.

First and foremost is prevention. Though many people assume that it’s wise to take your car in for a mechanical check-up before a lengthy drive, it doesn’t occur to as many that it’s important to do so for trips around town. Regular maintenance and prompt attention to your car’s behavior can keep you moving no matter where you may be headed. It’s small consolation that you’re only a few miles from home if you break down at night in a scary part of town. You’re still at risk.

Taking your car to a trusted mechanic for regular maintenance and getting it fixed as soon as trouble arises is just the beginning of the list of things every car owner needs to remember when running down a car safety checklist. Having a spare tire is essential to ensure safety on the road. Also, having the proper tools to change that spare or belonging to an automobile club is essential. The yearly fees for such clubs are often very reasonable, and they can come to the rescue for more than just flat tires. Dead batteries, all-out breakdowns and the need for antifreeze or oil are all ways they can help keep drivers safe and running.

If you know how to service your own car, keep spare belts, tools and jumper cables in the back.

Even something as simple as the level of your gas tank is a great preventative for crime. By never letting your tank fall below the half-tank mark, you’ll be assured you’ll always have enough fuel to get home or to a safer area.

Having your cell phone with you in the car is also necessary. Make sure your phone is charged and ready before a ride. Also, car chargers have been becoming cheaper in price so that you never have to worry about your cell phone’s battery when you have to make an important safety call. Also, never use your cell phone while driving. Make sure that you have no distractions while you are driving, including cell phones, the radio and high emotions. This will help prevent from you getting into an accident.

Nobody can predict or prevent breakdowns all the time. But with proper maintenance, you will be able to cut those chances drastically. By using some of the latest cellular technology, you can even dial for help from your locked vehicle if you break down in a remote or scary area. Just a few minutes preparation can leave the bad guys standing in your exhaust.

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