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Healing During the Holidays: 5 Ways to Remember Loved Ones While Still Celebrating the Season

For the millions of Americans who have suffered the recent loss of a loved one, the holidays can be more sorrowful than joyful  Read More

Helping a Friend Cope With Grief

To help a friend cope with grief or loss, we should remember that grieving is a very individual experience which might include distinct personal circumstances, personal cultural or religious beliefs and different styles of coping.  Read More

Helping a Friend: What to Say when You don’t Know What to Say

Filled with recommendations to help you express your feelings in words and deeds, this article offers insight on what to say to a friend who has experienced the death of a loved one.  Read More

Helping Children Cope with Grief

If you feel ill-prepared to discuss death with a child, you are not alone. But if we are to help them, we must let children know it is all right to talk about death, dying and the grief that follows.  Read More

Helping Yourself After a Sudden Death

Because grief may be more complicated when a death is sudden and unexpected, this guide offers suggestions for coping with the sudden loss of a loved one.  Read More

Helping Yourself at Your Time of Loss

The first few days following a death can be very draining. This article explores some common emotions and steps to healing after the loss of a loved one.  Read More

Helping Yourself Cope with Holidays and Anniversaries

When the loss of a loved one hurts more on holidays, birthdays and anniversaries, you can take steps to manage your grief by addressing former traditions, creating new ones, and addressing your own needs.  Read More

Helping Yourself or a Coworker with Grief in the Workplace

Whether you have suffered a loss and wonder how it will affect your professional life, or whether a coworker is grieving the loss of a loved one, you and others can manage grief in the workplace to make it a place of healing and understanding.  Read More

Helping Yourself When an Unborn Baby Dies or a Miscarriage Occurs

This article explores the complex emotions that arise in grieving the loss of an unborn child, terminated pregnancy or miscarriage, and offers suggestions on how to begin to heal.  Read More

Helping Yourself When Someone You Love Has Died

This article explores common emotions you may experience when grieving the death of a loved one, and suggests techniques to help you manage your grief.  Read More

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