Cemetery Property Completes Your Plan

In addition to funeral services and the choice of burial or cremation, cemetery property, or “interment rights,” is another consideration when you’re making final arrangements, either for yourself in advance, or for a loved one.

A common misconception that people often have when they purchase the right of interment in a cemetery is that they have purchased the land itself, when in fact what they have really purchased is the right to be interred (also referred to as buried, entombed, enniched or placed) on or in that particular piece of property.

The caring professionals at Dignity Memorial® cemeteries will gladly give you a tour of the cemetery so you can select the type and location of cemetery property that is right for you and your loved ones. Regardless of whether your choice is burial or cremation, permanent memorialization of your life and legacy is a lasting heritage for your descendants.

Most people are familiar with the concept of burial, or “interment,” but may not be aware of the variety of options that are often available. Many cemeteries offer one or more of the following:

  • Ground Burial: burial of the casket below ground. A “vault” or “outer burial container” is required at many cemeteries.
  • Mausoleum, or Community Mausoleum: a large building that provides above-ground entombments
  • Private Family Mausoleum: a small structure that provides above-ground entombment of, on average, two to 12 decedents
  • Companion Crypt: permits two interments or entombments side-by-side
  • Private Family Estate: a small section of a cemetery, usually bordered by gates, shrubbery, or other dividers, that allows for ground burial of several members of the same family

Many people overlook the importance of cemetery property for those who choose cremation, but permanent placement, or “final disposition,” of the ashes or “cremated remains” is an important part of final arrangements. Just consider:

  • A permanent site gives loved ones a physical place for visitation and reflection
  • The ceremony accompanying the placement of an urn in a cremation niche or a cremation garden in a cemetery provides family and friends with closure after the loss of a loved one
  • When ashes of a loved one are kept with relatives, they can easily become misplaced or discarded through the years, as future generations may not feel a connection to the deceased
  • A permanent placement provides future generations with a location to visit when researching heritage

Some common methods of final disposition of cremated remains are:

  • Cremation Niche: an above-ground space to accommodate a cremation urn
  • Columbarium: Often located within a mausoleum or chapel and constructed of numerous niches designed to hold urns
  • Cremation Garden: a dedicated section of a cemetery designed for the burial, scattering or other permanent placement of ashes
  • Memorial Benches: benches that either simply memorialize a loved one scattered or buried in a cremation garden, or actually contain the remains within

Some cemeteries allow upright headstones, called “monuments,” to be used with ground burials. Headstones that are flat against the ground are called “markers.” In some cemeteries, or sections of cemeteries, only flat markers are used to preserve the natural appearance of the landscape.

Dignity Memorial Benefits
When you purchase cemetery property with a Dignity Memorial provider for yourself or your loved one, you’ll receive many exclusive benefits.

  • Bereavement Travel Services
    We provide the best available travel options throughout Canada and the U.S. and to many international destinations. On a moment’s notice, dedicated travel specialists will seek the best available airfares as well as hotel accommodations and car rentals for all family and friends to attend a funeral, cremation, memorial or graveside service. There is a nominal fee associated with the issuance of an airline ticket.
  • National Transferability
    Should you move more than 160 kilometres from where your original arrangements were made, your prearranged cemetery plan will be honoured by any Dignity Memorial cemetery provider throughout North America.
  • Child / Grandchild Protection Plan
    Acknowledging that nothing can ease the pain of losing a child or grandchild, we will provide an interment right plus cemetery services, at no cost, at any Dignity Memorial provider, up to the level of the plan you have selected. Subject to certain conditions and restrictions. The child or grandchild must be less than 21 years of age and unmarried.
  • 100% Service Guarantee
    Each Dignity Memorial provider is committed to service beyond expectation before, during and after the service. To that end, we offer this guarantee: if there is anything we can do to meet your individual needs, please let us know and we will take care of it immediately.
  • Dignity Memorial Guidance Series
    Dignity Memorial providers understand that the loss of a loved one is extremely difficult, as is the accompanying grief. Our bereavement materials were developed to support and comfort those coping with these complex emotions. An extensive collection of booklets, DVDs and CDs offers professional advice and compassionate insight.
  • Personal Planning Guide
    This helpful guide gives you everything you need to organize vital information like personal affairs, family heritage, military history, estate information and so much more. The Personal Planning Guide also makes your wishes known. It’s a great benefit to your family and relieves them of having to make many difficult decisions.

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Make Your Plan Today

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